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Properties and advantages of quartz fiber wallcovering

Why choose quartz fiber wallcovering

natural quality

Irreplaceable natural properties: quartz fiber wallcovering is made of natural quartz glass by melting, drawing and weaving at high temperature, which integrates technology, aesthetics and natural properties. Safe and non-toxic, does not contain harmful volatiles and radiation, for green indoor decoration materials.

Construction is simple and easy

Simple and quick construction: the construction of quartz fiber wallcovering is clean and simple, without pre-immersion, without bubbles or deformation, no matter in the glue, paste and coating process, there is no dirt and smell. And practical packaging design, wallcovering positive and negative blue stripe marks, for the construction of a great convenience.

Adornment effect

Incomparable decorative effect: the weave is diverse and unique, which can meet different decorative styles and aesthetic appeal. The besmear that passes form a complete set of cover emulsii paint is brushed, can obtain color arbitrary surface effect and additional enhance performance, be like burnish, be able to bear dirt sex, easy clean sex and waterproof, fireproof, prevent acid alkali function.


A wide range of practical: quartz fiber wallcovering has chemical inertia, corrosion resistance and mildew resistance, suitable for almost all substrate surface, such as concrete, plastering, gypsum board, fiberboard, wood, plastic, metal, coating and other finishes.

physical properties

Superior physical properties: both the strength of the quartz fiber, quartz fiber wallcovering and fabric flexibility, therefore has the incomparable stretching resistance, impact resistance, and scratch resistant ability, it not only can resist the expansion of cracks in surface of base material to produce stress, effective bridge and cover up the gap, and even in strong blunt objects, are still intact.

Beneficial indoor environment

Free breathing, good indoor environment: natural inorganic fiber raw material, can inhibit the breeding of harmful microorganisms, will not accumulate static electricity, do not rot. The open gap of its fabric structure is conducive to the free diffusion of water and air. This breathable wall can adjust and balance the indoor air environment, which is beneficial to human health.



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